Sunday, October 28, 2012


I just put together a little something of unnecessary items that have been on my mind lately. A wish-list of sorts! Even though I'm definitely paring down on things I own this year, it never hurts to do some wishful thinking!

1. a subscription to The Gentlewoman - I have heard so much good stuff about this magazine, but haven't had much luck locating it near my house!

2. small leather Baggu pouch - Lately a little pouch is all I take with me when I'm on my break at work, and this one is both stylish and functional.

3. Diptyque candles - What girl doesn't want a Parisian candle, especially one that smells like roses? Yes, please!

4. Odette arrow bracelet - I like the simplicity of this cuff style bracelet but it's unique enough when you investigate a bit more closely.

5. Object and Totem vessel - Always gravitating towards handmade ceramics.

6. a cozy sweater - the one in the picture is from Acne - but I think another trip to the local thrift shops are in order. Last time I went I found the most perfect hand-painted recipe box and a basket to house all of my wool.